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Bug: e9e/288

ID : 288ee00f-0590-4468-9f6b-904b03e0cb02
Short name : e9e/288
Status : open
Severity : minor
Assigned :
Reporter : adam j hartz <hz@mit.edu>
Creator : adam j hartz <hz@mit.edu>
Created : Tue, 28 May 2019 12:40:27 +0000
Summary : Confusing error message when remote sandbox offline

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ID: 673c3211-ecdd-4e60-aaf0-a4ca4a518f36
Short name: e9e/288/673
From: adam j hartz <hz@mit.edu>
Date: Tue, 28 May 2019 12:49:00 +0000

When a `pythoncode` question using the `'remote'` sandbox can't actually reach
the remote sandbox, it currently reports the same error as if a Python
expression had been entered that couldn't be evaluated.    It would be great to
have different error messages for the two cases.