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Bug: e9e/a6a

ID : a6a45f70-4a77-4a33-8d86-f2a7216bbfc2
Short name : e9e/a6a
Status : open
Severity : wishlist
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Reporter : adam j hartz <hz@mit.edu>
Creator : adam j hartz <hz@mit.edu>
Created : Tue, 28 May 2019 12:40:14 +0000
Summary : Numeric Range Question Type

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ID: d5382a13-f551-45c4-a11e-a3cef20fe7fb
Short name: e9e/a6a/d53
From: adam j hartz <hz@mit.edu>
Date: Tue, 28 May 2019 12:48:45 +0000

CAT-SOOP 1.0 had a question type where users were asked to enter an expression
whose answer was a _range_ of numbers.  For example, [0,3)U(4,7] was a
well-formed input representing a range from 0 (inclusive) to 3 (exclusive) and
from 4 (exclusive) and 7 (inclusive).    I've had a couple of requests to bring
this back.  CAT-SOOP has changed a lot since then, but I think it's possible
that it would be a relatively straightforward port of the code from 1.0.