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# gradesoop: grading of printed exams within catsoop
## installation
install prereqs and the gradesoop package:
$ sudo apt install poppler-utils libzbar-dev git
$ pip install git+git://
this will install the gradesoop command, which is the entry point for all of
the pdf processing stuff. run the following to get started:
$ gradesoop --help
## usage
all of the subcommands have a --help flag that shows usage, arguments, and
options. here they are, roughly in the order they're needed:
* `gradesoop add-qrs` for adding qr codes to exams
* `gradesoop parse-scans` for reading and organizing raw scan data
* `gradesoop separate` for generating per-student pdfs from scan data
* `gradesoop setup-catsoop-course` for adding the web interface to a course (NOT YET IMPLEMENTED)
## acknowledgements
the first version of gradesoop was started in spring 2016 and was developed
primarily by a collection of dedicated 6.01 ta's: Rodrigo Toste Gomes, Gustavo
Goretkin, Jeremy Kaplan, Kade Phillips, and Jeremy Wright. much of the code
has been rewritten, but the current version is resting comfortably on the
shoulders of their work.