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This Page Needs Attention

Contributions to documentation are more than welcome! You can e-mail contributions (or questions) to catsoop-dev@mit.edu.

Courses Using CAT-SOOP

The following are some of the courses I know of that use (or have used) CAT-SOOP:

  • MIT 6.01: Introduction to EECS via Robotics
  • MIT 6.02: Introduction to EECS via Communications Networks
  • MIT 6.08: Interconnected Embedded Systems
  • MIT 6.145: A Brief Introduction to Programming in Python
  • MIT 6.002: Circuits and Electronics
  • MIT 6.003: Signal Processing
  • MIT 6.006: Introduction to Algorithms
  • MIT 6.009: Fundamentals of Programming
  • MIT 6.036: Introduction to Machine Learning
  • MIT 6.302: Feedback System Design
  • MIT 6.A01: Mens et Manus Freshman Seminar
  • Olin College MTH 2132/SCI 2032: Bayesian Inference and Reasoning
  • Olin College ENGR2340: Dynamics
  • Olin College SCI2050: The Art of Approximation in Science and Engineering

If you use CAT-SOOP in your class, please let me know!