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CAT-SOOP API: catsoop


  • api: Methods related to authentication for API access
  • auth: User authentication for normal interactions
  • base_context: Initial context for page loads, including initializing 'special' variables
  • check: Library of common checker functions.
  • cslog: Logging mechanisms in catsoopdb
  • dispatch: Methods for handling requests, or for routing them to the proper handlers
  • errors: Utilities for generating error messages and displaying error pages
  • groups: Utilities for handling grouping of students
  • language: Handling of the CAT-SOOP specification language(s): Markdown, XML, and Python
  • loader: Functions for loading page specifications into dictionaries
  • lti: LTI Tool Provider interface
  • mail: Methods for sending e-mail from within CAT-SOOP
  • markdown: CAT-SOOP Extensions for Mistletoe
  • process: Tools for controlling processes
  • session: Simple session handling using the cslog package.
  • thirdparty: Third-party software used within CAT-SOOP
  • time: Utilities for dealing with time
  • tutor: Utilities for managing courses (questions, handlers, statistics, etc)
  • user: Utility functions related to user management)
  • util: Extra utilities that don't have a home anywhere else
  • wsgi: WSGI Interface to CAT-SOOP